Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Greek Goddess

i'm just me...
You have to be perfect,
Just had to be wonderful,
You’re a celebrity,
And everyone adores you,
Your laugh is a music,
Living in it as if you were dancing,
You look like model of a fashion magazine,
And I’m just me,

I’m a freak,
I’m just a 5′6′ chick in my ugly shoes on
and I don’t know how a stilletto looks like.

You’re body is magic,
And you’re near to perfection,
If had to a party and
the boys just wanna dance with you,

Your boyfriend’s a rockstar,
Driving a convertable,
You’re a social butterfly,
And everyone knows your name.

And I’m just me,
I’m nobody,
And my name is not of any Greek Goddess,
No one cares if I’m not here,
When I looked at you you too me tell me truth,
I am not a greek goddess and so are you?

I’m just me,
Cause this just the way I am my
boyfriend loves me for,
It’s okay that I’m nothing special,

I’m just me,
Let it be,
If it’s the world is full of
people just like you,
Then I’ll end up special after all.

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