Saturday, March 27, 2010

ank jamal da besa..

yeyeh..i'm officially 8teen!!

huhu..tepat jam 12 tgh mlm 27 Mac 2010..genap la umor ank kesayangan Jamaluddin Jambi ini..yg berumor 18 taon..wewet..(ak da besa)>.<"

wah!!ak da 18 taon..sgt2 excited..tengs to all my frens terutame nye my SPARKLE!!i love u girls so much2..n i dun foget to my two bestfrens..Fify n Noya..i  can't live without u!my beloved brother Picha(knpe kne share beday nan ko?)hhu..da most important is i to say that i love u!!to my one n only..Muhamad Muslim but not least..i want to thnks all my frens ta kire la kwn skolah,college,kwn kt facebook n myspace..tengs for all ur wishes..(da mcm dpt award lak kn?)=.="

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